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Enjoy a professional way to remove unwanted body hair! It is an effective and simple procedure which leaves your skin smooth, free of nicks, scratches or stubble. You also gain the benefit of 4-6 weeks before a new growth cycle of hair comes to the surface.
Eventually, with regular treatment, the hair will grow back more sparsely, softer, and less quickly.
Brow Arch $15
Upper Lip or Chin $10
Full Face (including brow) $32
Side of face $15
Under Arm $16
Bikini Line $22
Brazilian Bikini $55+
Full Leg $48
Full Leg and Bikini Line $58
Lower Leg $28
Lower Leg and Bikini Line $42
Upper Leg $30
Upper Leg and Bikini Line $42
Full Arm $28
Half Arm $18
Full Back $38+
Chest $25+
Tummy $15
+Prices may vary due to body size
Prices do not include GST.
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